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    Artwork Rules Empty Artwork Rules

    Post by Nexus on Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:19 am

    Srs guys, these rules are pretty much a given. Don't be an idiot and not follow them  Shocked
    1. No Pornographic Images
    This includes "hentai" and other pornographic shit. No nudity, partial nudity is only allowed to be stretched to shit like bikinis, no tits or vagina or dick or any of that shit. I don't think this is a hard rule to follow.
    2. Don't flat out insult someone's artwork.
    This is rude and is pretty much making the person who made it feel bad and feel like they wasted their time. Constructive criticism is fine, but don't take it too far. Make suggestions in a kind matter and let's just all get along :]
    3. Don't take someone else's artwork and claim it as your own.
    Now, of course, I doubt anyone of us would know if it is yours or not, but please, just don't take someone else's and claim it your own. That's just stupid and proves that either you're lazy or you have no art talent. If you want to post someone else's to show it off, just say it is that person's work; it's that simple.

    It's 2AM, I think these rules are good enough  Razz

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